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The Brian Jonestown Massacre

  These guys have made some really amazing music for us. They are one of those artists who you put ON and simply focus on enjoying the time that follows. If you are… Continue reading


  Happy go lucky, nice music. An extension of swing music that just made it better. The guitars are simply awesome and trippy. The vocals are amazing as well and the blend is… Continue reading


  Expect something really different when you listen to Tinariwen. It’ll blow your mind! There’s some super amazing stuff these guys have for us. I’ve been listening to them for a couple of… Continue reading

Colaba Point

People just don’t make music like this anymore! It’s amazing how their music captures your mind and has fun with it. It teleports you to different places with every song. The psychedelia in… Continue reading


‘Composed for pure listening pleasures’ is what I would say to Babybird’s music. Psychedelicness flows from their music from the beginning and continues to flow through out. If you like to get high… Continue reading

Led Zeppelin

Psychedelic Blues? Who’d have thunk it? Thanks to Led Zeppelin for paving the way, so some amazing psychedelia could follow after their arrival. Truly, The Legends Of Rock and Fabulous Musicians. There is… Continue reading

The Verve

Melodic Psychedelia is defined by The Verve. When you are on recreational drugs, you might want to try listening to Gravity Grave, Lucky Man, Catching The Butterfly, She Is A Superstar, Slide Away,… Continue reading


Fun, mischievous, delightful and ‘rock n roll’ is what ACDC are all about. The riffs are just insane and you’ll love them the moment you listen to them.  Back In Black, Highway To… Continue reading


Beautiful symphonies, brilliant vocals and killer compositions is what Coldplay throws at you with their every albums. It’s feels beautiful when you listen to them play their music. You can feel their emotions,… Continue reading

Zero 7

The music is a perfect mix of the right elements at the right tempo. The listening experience is out of the world. The layers are perfectly blended for a deep psychedelic experience. Groovy… Continue reading

Pink Floyd

Has there ever been a better artist? If you think there is! ask yourself the question again. There cannot be a better artist than Pink Floyd because they are a bunch of brilliant… Continue reading

Kula Shaker

Have you  felt some sort of a background music going on in your head sometimes? When you listen to Kula Shaker, it will remind you of that music. Brilliant musicians composing brilliant music.… Continue reading