Star Trek – The Next Generation

Are you a sucker for science fiction? Star Trek – The Next Generation (TNG) is easily one of the best science fiction TV series of all time. The journey of the Federation Star Ship Enterprise and it’s crew headed by Captain Jean-Luc Picard, 1st officer William Riker, 2nd officer Data (an android), Security Chief Lieutenant Worf (a Klingon, a humanoid alien species) along with Chief Engineer Geordi La Forge, Medical Officer Beverly Crusher and the ship’s Counselor Deanna Troi (a betazoid).

Captain Picard and his crew, travel the universe to explore, meet and learn about new life forms or help inhabited planets in distress that lie in the Federation territory. They meet new people and either become their friends or diplomatically build relations with them. They have repeated encounters with the Ferengi, the Cardassians, and the Borg. The other people who constantly drop-in in their situations are Klingons, Betazoids, Vulkans and a few other new species.

Every story starts with the Captain recording a log on his star ship and updates the log as the story unfolds. They have exciting adventures and meet new species that teach them a lot about their concepts in life. A lot of the species introduced in the story resemble a certain class of people in real life. They’ve taken the real life and super imposed it on a fictional backdrop set in space. A lot of questions that arise in our minds about space, are addressed in the stories told by Gene Roddenberry. It’s the kind of series you watch as a kid and watch it again with your own kid. This series has some amazing stories and adventures that grab your mind and make you think.

Watch it once and you’ll know why Star Trek is “STAR TREK”!

Catch You Later :)